Nurse throws the engagement ring across the court in a case with ex-fiancée


Trish Gariyaki, the former fiancée of notable English businessman Wisdom Penfold, was fined over £116,000 after she was caught committing adultery by Penfold himself. The case has been running ever since the couple separated in 2015.

Penfold made a name for himself in the import-export business of trees and currently resides in Lydia Park, Cranleigh.

The former couple met in 2009 in a hospital café, where Gariyakiwas employed as a nurse. They got engaged after living together for four years. Their relationship started when Penfold was already married to another woman. It was reported that Penfold had already apprised his wife of the developments and that she wished the new couple well.

In the six years of their relationship, Gariyaki claimed that Penfold showered her with numerous valuable gifts like a Porsche 911, a BMW and a diamond bracelet worth £100,000. Penfold has vehemently denied these claims, stating such a situation would have been “welded in his mind”.

Sharing the case’s details, Penfold’s lawyer revealed that apart from the expensive gifts which Gariyaki had already received, she also asked Penfold to deposit £218,000 into her bank account as a token of appreciation, to which Penfold duly complied. Penfold, now, through his lawyer has alleged that the amount was utilized irresponsibly to buy property in the African nation of Zimbabwe for over £90,000. The claims for misappropriation of funds’ arose as Penfold alleged that the amount was set aside, upon mutual agreement, to buy a house together.

It was also revealed that Penfold had helped pay deposits for Gariyaki’s property which was situated in Gilford, along with mortgage payments. A nasty court fight had thus, it had begun over these claims.

The court, after having listened to the arguments presented by both the parties, ruled in favor of Penfold, stating that Gariyaki misappropriated funds’ and ordered her to pay back Penfold, a sum of £116,000. This was despite Gariyaki’s lawyer summing the relationship as being based on showering of expensive gifts. He defended Gariyakiby mentioning that it was not unnatural for Penfold to take Gariyaki away on impromptu and luxurious trips to Dubai, Barcelona or Paris.

In the whole saga that unfolded, the judge had a rather interesting observation to make, he said that “Gariyaki was eyeing to win the case” and that he “unhesitatingly preferred the evidence of Mr. Penfold.”

Penfold’s lawyer, who has experience with Chester solicitors and other firms in the UK, also informed that they had demanded £62,000 towards compensation and that Gariyaki has been asked to pay £30,000 within the following week.

In what comes as a huge respite to Penfold, the court also instructed Gariyaki to pay 20% of the net worth of her house in Gilford to buy out Penfold’s share. Enraged by the verdict, Gariyaki threw her diamond engagement ring off her finger. Penfold responded by silently picking up the ring and handing it over to the presiding counselor. Now, it remains to be seen if Gariyaki is charged for contempt of court for her reckless actions.