Special needs funding cuts driving UK parents to seek legal action

special educational

Any parent should care a great deal about their child’s education, but when it comes to parents of children’s with special educational needs, this comes with a range of further considerations. Sadly, at present the government cuts to a range of educational support services have led to parents having to consider going through the law courts to make sure that they get the access they feel their children need.

Many of them feeling that the UK’s education provisions could be at the point of crisis, with potential terrible effects of thousands of children around the UK. Now, driven by this level of frustration with what they see as insufficient school provisions, families in East Sussex, North Yorkshire, Surrey, Bristol and London all began to bring legal action against their local authorities with relation to cuts that have been revealed for Special Educational Needs and Disabilities budgets.

These parents have benefited from SEND budgets for many years in some cases, but are begin to notice a real lack of provision of educational services after recent cuts. This has led them to contact legal specialists who can help with their case, having felt like talks with local and even national politicians have been insufficient in stopping the problems.

There are many parents involved in the different legal actions, with one of them, Lorraine Heugh of Robertsbridge, East Sussex, saying: “Families can’t sit back any longer and watch this unfold. It is obvious that councils do not have enough money because of the funding they receive. Cuts to SEND budgets are being made across the country. It has got to the point now where this is a national crisis. My son Nico is at a key stage of his education and his upcoming GCSEs will go a long way to determining his life chances. He should be able to concentrate on these but instead we are once again battling for him to receive the support he needs.”

It is this level of frustration about the impacts on their children’s lives that have left parents feeling they have no option other than to pursue legal actions. This is, of course, a bewildering time for any parent, so it is vital that they have the right legal support from family law solicitors in Manchester or anywhere else they look for legal support across the UK. This is a huge help for any parent who wants to help their child.

It remains to be seen what will come of these legal actions, but parents and educators around the country will be watching with interest to see if the claims are successful in securing additional funding. This may have knock-on effect for many different educational funding situations around the UK, so they could be looked back on as pivotal cases.